Developing America’s Oil & Gas Reserves

Mesa Resources, Inc., was established in January 1992 as an independent energy company engaged in the acquisition, development, exploration and production of oil and natural gas properties.  Through the years, we have developed a team of industry professionals including petroleum engineers, geologist, landmen and other key industry professionals.  These key relationships have allowed us to successfully develop various oil and natural gas properties from their inception, through the drilling, completion, equipping and production phases.

Mesa’s relationship with this select group of industry professionals has enabled the company to maximize various opportunities for participation in a broad range of oil and natural gas prospects.  With this in mind, we seek out prospects that are developmental in nature with production in the immediate area, with obvious attention being paid to cost, risk and having an acceptable degree of risk versus reward potential.

This simple approach coupled with a strong commitment to the bottom line, has allowed the company to be both competitive and profitable in this volatile oil and gas industry, one in which volatility creates opportunity.